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Queer Little Goth Kid by TheLineArtist
Queer Little Goth Kid
It was my first day of college and I was supposed to be taking notes. Oops.

This is my first actual piece of art on my new laptop, which I think is pretty decent.

Time taken: in total about 3 hours
Tools: 2B pencil, notebook paper, Wacom Splash, Art Rage Studio
Art: Myself
Character: Myself
New Style/ Tumblr Info by TheLineArtist
New Style/ Tumblr Info
Hello everyone and happy Thursdays! I hope you're all having a great day. 

So this is a new style I'm trying for requests over at my tumblr page, queerlittlegothkid

so, follow me, and ask for a request. I love doing them. I also post about daily stupidity and shenanigans, so you have something to look forward to.
New ID- Senior Year by TheLineArtist
New ID- Senior Year
So, its that time for everyone to graduate. Here is a picture from Saturday of me receiving my graduation cords from my four years of band, and a graduation gift from the Band Boosters.

To everyone who's made these four years special, both here and offline, I thank you. Because without you guys, this picture, right there, wouldn't even be possible. In fact, it wouldn't be there at all. So thank you. c:


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100 / 636
This is mainly for donations and stuff for my work and stuff.
If you like my work and you donate great
If you like my work and don't, great
My job here is to please you, and if you don't like it, go fuck yourself c:

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hola~ I live in La Vega If you don't know where that obviously have not seen any good gambling movies :I

Anyway, hi! It's seems you've stumbled upon my little look up of randomness. If you couldn't already tell, I mainly draw band related items.

I'm a very chill person. Ask me anything, and I'll give you an honest answer. Where do babies come from? Danny Worsnop's dick. See, honest. I'm a teenage girl with purple and black hair, chocolate brown eyes and I have braces. I'm a proud pansexual, I have no life outside of literature, drawing, and marking band. What is a life .-. I could never stab anyone, seeing as I can't stab a Capri Sun pouch open, I'm atheist, but I respect religion, and I'm not a crazy fan...okay, yes I am.I am a proud polygamoustic (is that even a word?) person

I love writing fanfictions, so if you want me to write a really bad shit, go ahead and do so, I won't say no. I prefer slash fics, but I do OC ones as well, seeing that I'm an amazing person who can't say no to her 19 year older twin brothers who are obessed with a certain bassist from a certain band (:iconashleypurdyplz:) lawls.

I may not reply to every fave, but I really do look at all of your profiles, really. I reply to almost every comment I recieve, and I always reply to notes...most of the time. If you put in a note for example 'Hey, I'm blahblahblahblah and I was wondering if you could look at my stuff. I know it's not the best, and you're not a great artist yourself, but I could really use the help' I'll look at your stuff, fave the stuff I like, comment on the stuff I like, and critique each piece in my mind. If I see one hate comment like 'ur stuff is so gay' or 'wil u b my bestie? cuz liek i wnt 2 b urs an stuffffs' OR in a note 'hey, you like BVB i lurv them! isn't andy sixx-' delete. I cannot stand people like that. I will simply reply, buy a dictionary, come back in 20 minutes when you can spell. Good bye.

"Always stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone." -Andy
"Actually one of our guitar players. Nikki dubbed him our homosexual football player."- Andy
"He just has two hotdogs and he's eating them. I ask him 'What are you doing?' and he just says...'I'm running a mile in my mind'- Andy

"Ding Dang Who's your boss ding dang!"- Ashley, Jake, CC
"There are people out there who will tell you, you can't. All you have to do is turn around and say 'watch me' (:" -Ashley
"Everyday I look at my life...and I get a boner =D" Ashley

"Real people do what they want...not what they can."- CC
"I love you too, I'm sorry if you get AIDS" -CC
"Is today national pug day? What are you nut bags talking about?"-CC

"Just heard about a man who died eating 20 raw eggs on a bet. What a way to go." - Jake
"Ow man, I'm not drinking any more of the water bottles, I'm only drinking the ones that are...closed"- Jake
"This dude must be singing to snakes"- Jake

"Well the world didn't end again, just like I predicted." - Jinxx
"We're constantly opening CC's bunk and he's always naked"- Jinxx
"Damn...that's a lot of bitches *picture of all his guitars*"- Jinxx

Bands/Artists I despise with a PASSION.
:bulletred: One Direction (I've heard the songs way to many fucking times to enjoy them
:bulletred: Justin Bieber
:bulletred: Nicki Minaj
:bulletred: Insane Clown Posse
:bulletred: Eminem
:bulletred: Drake
:bulletred: Any rap music of all time
:bulletred: Taylor Swift
Should I continue....

Bands I love :heart:
:bulletblack: Black Veil Brides
:bulletblack: Blood on the Dance Floor (They helped me through a rough time in my life)
:bulletblack: Guns and Roses
:bulletblack: KISS
:bulletblack: Motley Crue
:bulletblack: Linkin Park
:bulletblack: Muse
:bulletblack: ANY band from the 50s-90s

:bulletblue: Vampires; I've been into them since I was....4? Yes, that's when I saw Nosferatu
:bulletblue: Yaoi.
:bulletblue: Roleplaying
:bulletblue: Twins gettin' gay with each other...
:bulletblue: Really bad parodies to even worse songs

So yeah, that's just a small list of non band related things I like.

You wanna talk, send me a note, you wanna RP, send me a note of what you want or send me a note with a dA chat (if not, we can use's easier than notes, promise)


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